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Zoho Books Review

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Accounting can be a difficult business, particularly if you are new to doing it for yourself. If you're a small business owner or work in a company which wants to take on its own accounts, Zoho may offer a simple solution. With only one package available it's not necessarily the most flexible system around, but its prices are fair and the tools it provides ought to be useful to most small businesses.

In all honesty you won't find anything particularly revolutionary about Zoho's accounting software. Its features are fairly standard, its prices are quite low but not outstanding. What it does offer, though, is a very user-friendly system where each of the functions they've provided actually serve their purpose and work without confusion. This makes it a good choice for people who are new to accounting and for anyone on a bit of a budget. The main features of Zoho revolve around tracking and monitoring your income and spending. You can access the system from a mobile device or from an office computer, as well as allowing an unlimited number of users. This could be handy because it means you can let others view and edit your accounts remotely, so if you're hoping to keep a professional accountant in the loop they can easily check your work and make suggestions or edits. There are also a few reporting tools which will give a good idea of how your company is doing over a given period, as well as a few automation features which will save you time. 

The website offers a number of add-ons for iPhone and Android devices, which is handy if you like to flick through accounts when on the train to work. You can also download an expense receipt app, allowing you to photograph your receipts and keep a digital copy when calculating your tax allowances. There's also a blog, help center and knowledge base. Sadly the blog doesn't seem to be updated all that often and there are very few comments on the posts, perhaps indicating that they aren't read all that often. If you need further assistance, though, Zoho do offer tuition from experienced users through webinars, and you can sign up to be a tutor if that tickles your fancy. 

The potential of Zoho lies in its interfaces, which are easy to adopt. You shouldn't often find yourself stuck without a clue what to do, and you can balance your various accounting needs through one dashboard. It could be argued that the system lacks features, although the flip side is that they've stripped back unnecessary additions, keeping a solid core set of tools to help you with general accounting tasks. Zoho.com offers a decent piece of accounting software for basic users. It's perhaps not that well suited to larger organisations or anyone who has a great deal of accounting experience, but most users ought to find it well designed and user friendly. It's also fairly priced, making it a safe option for anyone looking to keep their accounts in order.

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