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With 4 packages to choose from and a free 30 day trial period of services, FreshBooks offers an affordable and functional cloud-based accountancy system. Its features are extensive and they offer one-on-one customer service 5 days a week, meaning that if you have any issues then you can get help when you need it most. It does, however, lack sophisticated analytic and predictive tools, which can be found elsewhere. However, with plenty of choice available it has plenty to offer.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that FreshBooks.com offers a free service, which allows you to send unlimited invoices, record expenses, track project times, complete a range of business reports and handle basic data. This is provided outside of the 30 day trial, meaning that, if you discover you only really need the very basic system, then you won't need to abandon it completely. The other packages (all with tree-like names) offer an increasing number of features, including the ability to adapt documents to include company branding, to manage an unlimited number of clients or have additional staff members control elements of your accounting books. These latter features make it more versatile than some accounting packages, which restrict access to a single user.

The site makes some efforts to explain that its upgrades are not gained through pressurized sales. If you come to the end of your free trial period and wish to continue as a free member, that's fine. If you would prefer to upgrade then you can do so on a month-by-month basis, to fit in with your own technical ability with the software, or simply to increase the tools you feel are necessary to handle your accounts. If you know that you're happy with a package then you can also opt to pay for a 1 year contract, which offers a further 10% discount. Prices are generally fair, although we did feel that the Mighty Oak package could offer a little more for the amount they charge. Still, at $39.95 it's not a bad deal.

A number of add-ons are available to download, which have been developed by their partners. There are plenty to choose from, covering anything from payroll to recruitment, electronic signatures to generating leads. This is FreshBooks spreading its wings into managerial apps somewhat, but there's not much to lose from investigating them. You can access your FreshBook accounts through a variety of devices, whether it's a business laptop, an Android or iOS. These apps are free to install and provide you with a more visceral experience. Customer support is available throughout the working week during business hours. It's a toll free number, so you won't be stung with a large bill. You can also check out site's blog pages or the FAQ page if you require further assistance. 

Fresh Books offer a comprehensive set of packages. It's also great to see a free, albeit limited, option for users who don't need a massive array of tools. With free mobile apps, add-ons and decent customer support, it's something of a winner. Its month-long contract options also make it a great choice if your business is expanding and you want to begin with a cheaper package but plan on upgrading some time in the future.

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