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Saasu Review

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Saasu is an easy to use, no-nonsense accounting system. It offers three affordable accounting packages, as well as a few extra features such as mobile access, which you might not expect from a cheaper accounting software package. However, its less expensive options may not be useful to many businesses and you'll probably find that you'll need to upgrade, so the big question is whether or not you should start with Saasu in the first place...

If you've got the future in mind then you may want to think about how big your accounts will become before starting out with Saasu. Its “small” package, cheap as it is, only allows you to account for 200 transactions and 3 bank feeds a month. The “medium” package increases this significantly, allowing unlimited transactions, up to 5 bank feeds, multi-currency options and an inventory. Upgrade again and you'll boost those stats, also gaining advanced reports, inventory serialisation, consolidated P&L, and a KPI custom report builder, to give an extra level of control and professional reporting. All  packages come with the basic features listed in our features list, but we do think it's worth considering whether or not you're going to end up on the “large” package rather quickly, and therefore might wish to spend the same amount elsewhere. You can upgrade at any time though, so you aren't bound into a long contract with one package.

Much of this decision will depend on what you need from your accounting software package. Saasu does provide a few features that are attractive in any circumstance, particularly by offering a diverse range of mobile options. However these are not necessarily unique and it may come down to the specific combination of features that bests suits your needs. There are also over 50 add-ons available which provide a good choice of specialist products that can connect to Saasu, making it much more flexible than many accounting packages on the market.

Customers seem generally pleased with Saasu's software and services, which is a good sign. It seems well suited to providing accounting solutions to small and medium businesses, although we're not completely convinced that they would be as successful for large organisations. If you're considering them for this then we would recommend taking a careful look through their full list of features, and potentially even calling to talk with a sales representative.

The Saasu app is a good replica for the version you'll find on your computer screen, meaning there aren't many difficult changes to have to understand. This app may also let you use touch screen features, allowing you to easily switch between documents or flick through books. The software is well organised and intuitive in most respects, so it shouldn't take a long time to learn how it works.

Saasu has a lot to offer. It's cheaper than many of its competitors, offers a decent range of features, and has provided customer satisfaction. It also offers a 30 day trial of any of its packages, so there's really nothing to lose by giving it a whirl.

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