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Kashflow Review

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With three cheap accounting options available to you, Kashflow is a simple option for any cash-strapped small business. However, its features are lacking in comparison with its competitors, and its dashboard could be more user-friendly. As such it has both pros and cons, meaning that it might be a wise choice for some, but not for others. One of the biggest attractions of KashFlow is the price: it's cheap. Even its most expensive package will cost you less than the cheapest packages elsewhere. But do you get the same high quality of accounting software? Well, not really. The problem is that Kashflow is too simplified in some respects, offering a limited range of accounting features. 

On sign up (which is pretty quick to attain a free trial, but a bit more involved once you pay for the services) you'll be presented with a dashboard. Unfortunately this isn't very well designed and you will have to scroll down a very long list of potential actions before finding the one you need. This could have been reorganised easily with a few drop-down tabs so that you could move between accounting features at your leisure, so it's a bit of a disappointment. On reflection there are quite a few options, but they sometimes seem arbitrary or unnecessary, and many of them certainly don't need their own icon and segment on the main dashboard page. Once you've actually located the tool you need, you'll probably find the system easy enough to use. The pages are clear and require minimal information to get things rolling, it's just a shame that getting there is a hassle (particularly if you use it a lot).

Customer service is where Kashflow does pretty well as it offers 24/7 support. This is rare to see, although we didn't actually test them out to find out if they live up to their promise. Its range of external services is pretty impressive, offering PayPal imports, FreshBooks integration, card options, postal requests and more. So it does a little better there, but we really would like to see more from their accounting features.

The long and short of KashFlow.com is this: it's okay. If you can't afford to go elsewhere and don't mind a slightly annoying dashboard, it should do the jobs you need, assuming you don't need to perform demanding accountancy tasks. However there are free services that do a better job, and we generally recommend visiting those sites to see what they have to offer before paying over any cash here.

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