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Adaptive Insights Review

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Adaptive Insights offer a range of financial services through its Adaptive Suite, a web-based system that requires no new hardware or IT support. Its accounting functions and general take on accounting are more advanced than many, meaning that it isn't suitable for everyone, but if you have a decent idea of how accounting works –  particularly if you're involved with banks and credit unions – then this could be one to consider.

The site goes to some lengths to explain the difficulties faced by anyone in accounts, ranging from planning and reporting challenges, to bank sensitivities regarding economic cycles. Its systems and services aim to simplify this by allowing you to forecast possible economic routes that your company might encounter, and to propose possible solutions in each case. As such, this is a system which focuses on cautious planning and reporting, rather than merely keeping a record of accounts.

There are some useful accounting features here that you might not find elsewhere, allowing you to quickly monitor and respond to the shifting markets, even providing instant data on metrics and KPIs. This can also be carried over into issues such as hiring and firing as you are able to manage head counts and perform what-if analyses of possible future scenarios. Additionally, Adaptive has helped companies, banks and credit unions to create driver-based models through utilising their balances, rates, yields, margins and further financial information. 

If all of this is sounding a bit over your head, then Adaptive may not be for you. We got the distinct feeling that it was more tailored towards accounting specialists, not least because it gives a list of its bank and credit union customers, and its site contains a lot of specialist lingo. In fact, you can't even begin to access its free trial without having first included a lot of information regarding your place of work, including a phone number as standard. Without this you won't make it through the metaphoric front gates.

This is a specialist service designed with certain people in mind. As such, the website and software on offer speak to a specific audience. If you have a feeling that Adaptive Insights might have something to offer you and your accounts then take a good look at their website and contact customer support for more information. However, if you're looking for an easy-use piece of accounting software to help with a small business or something similar, you're probably not best suited to the powerful and sophisticated features provided by Adaptive Insights.

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