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Microsoft Dynamics Review

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Microsoft is a household name, with major products and services widely used across the globe. Microsoft Dynamics is more than just a software package to help with accountancy, it's a comprehensive business management system that aids you in all areas of national and international commerce. Its tools range from improving management tasks, to calendar organization, streamlining and more. However for the purposes of this review we will primarily focus on the accounting and finance elements of Microsoft Dynamics.

MS Dynamics provides a solid range of accounting functions to help small, medium and large organizations. You can choose a package that is not only specific to the size of your organization, but also to your role within it. This is a great idea because it means that the software is responsive to the kinds of information you need, and the sorts of data you input. You can produce reports, including charts and graphs, to help disseminate this information, and there are a few analytic tools which could really come in handy. 

In particular Dynamics' predictive and analytic tools could be a great help to users who are interested in better understanding their accounts and where they are headed. These sorts of tools are more sophisticated than you may find in other pieces of accounting software, providing intelligent and detailed projections. However, although the system is generally quite intuitive, it's not the easiest to use and isn't necessarily designed for everyone. We felt that it was perhaps better utilized by individuals with some existing experience in using accountancy software. Thankfully Microsoft offer a free 30 day trial, so there's plenty of opportunity to find out more and to judge whether or not Dynamics will be suitable for you. They also offer training and a detailed help section, should you need them.

Prices are only available on request, and may depend on your position within an organisation, as well as the type and size of the organisation itself. Being Microsoft, we anticipate a very professional service with great customer support, and many customers seem pleased with Dynamics and Microsoft more generally. The website is somewhat complex, and you may find yourself getting lost down its various avenues. More importantly, though, we feel that Dynamics is probably only going to be a viable option for you if you wish to take advantage of its various management tools, as well as its accounting and finance features. These are undoubtedly of a similar quality to the accountancy tools and will be of use to many business people, but if you're not interested in them then it seems a more complicated (and likely more expensive) system than you really need. 

If you're interested in the accountancy and management software options available from Microsoft then we'd recommend taking a good look around their site. There's plenty of information on the forums, as well as the downloadable fact sheets. If you're still interested then the 30 day trial is a good way to get a hands on understanding of what's on offer. However Dynamics is unlikely to appeal to everyone, particularly if you just need a simple piece of accounting software without the analytic bells and whistles. 

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