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Reckon One Review

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Reckon.com offers a very flexible accounting system whereby you pay for the exact features that you need. This makes it a good choice for a small business which might expand in the future, but its range of features is limited in comparison to its superior peers, and it offers no package for advanced options.

The free trial period on offer from Reckon last for 30 days, which is a generous amount of time and ought to allow you to get to grips with its very basic features. During this period you are able to control your invoices, One Core options and projects. You can also choose between Lite and Medium options, with the latter providing a few more choices if you need them. This is a fine trial but you can't do a great deal and may find that you'll be longing for more functions, particularly if you have more challenging accounts. 

This software allows you to track receipts, create budgets and reports, produce invoices and monitor projects. This is all pretty basic stuff, although if you pay for an upgrade then you will be able to take advantage of a few extra features, including the ability to automatically update your accounting information with your bank account data. This can save time as you won't have to manually type in all of your banking information, plus there's less chance of error since the systems are automatic. However, there are few other features that you'll find on Reckon that set it apart from the crowd. The site promises that more options are on the horizon, including the ability to lodge your BAS online and receive real time feedback, or to track employee efficiency and billing, but these are yet to emerge.

Reckon may be a fairly cheap option since you only pay for what you need. However, in the long run you may find that you need to choose the Advanced options, meaning that it will increase in cost over time. If you wish to use several of its accounting services then you can purchase a package deal, although these only provide access to Lite and Medium options. The site is relatively easy to navigate and there could definitely be more information provided as you move around it, but there is no explanation of how the digital book systems work once you've logged in. As such it feels a little bit as though you're expected to “work it out for yourself”, which isn't ideal. If you do need assistance then the information centre is okay, but nothing particularly spectacular, or you can contact their team via telephone or email.

We were a little underwhelmed by Reckon. Although we liked the idea of a flexible system which is tailored to your unique needs, there weren't nearly enough options to satisfy everyone. This might be a low cost option for you if you only need to perform basic accounting functions, but otherwise you may be better off looking elsewhere.

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