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Website: http://www.epicor.com/industries/services/pages/financialservices.aspx

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Epicor Accounting Review

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Epicor's financial management software is available across a number of systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, or through mobile devices using a cloud system. Whilst its website offers information as to the uses of financial management software, and suggests that they understand the processes for financial service organisations, they do little to build confidence in their products and services.

The reason for our uncertainty is that Epicor reveal very little. Their sales page reads like a vague overview, whilst their brochures are only available once you've signed up and handed over some business details. This seems unnecessarily invasive just to find out more about their services.

The software looks professional and well organised, however, with a simple dashboard and presentation style. That said, we hope you like grey and shades of blue, because it's one of the dullest interfaces we've seen. Okay, so looks aren't everything, but if you're spending hours looking at a screen of just two or three dull shades then everything starts to look a bit samey.

The reason for Epicor's general blandness might be down to the sort of clients they work with and want to attract.  If you take a look at their existing clientèle you'll notice a few big, professional names, many of which are likely looking for solutions regarding banking, credit unions, title and escrow. Subsequently they're not necessarily set up to assist small businesses, and are more streamlined towards financial services

Epicor.com sets out its agenda, if nothing else, suggesting that it aims to provide key processes through the use of its software. These include communication tools to help you connect with customers, features which will allow you to streamline and improve your financial operations, manage data integration, budget and manage costs effectively, and to analyse your performance. Many of these elements seem to be a combination of software processes and hands-on support from staff, meaning that you may receive a greater allotment of human guidance from specialists, although this is certainly something you'll need to discuss with the sales team if it's what you're after.

These things taken into account, we feel that Epicor might be best suited to financial specialists rather than small businesses entrepreneurs who are attempting to do their own accounts. To find out whether or not they'll be of use to you, however, we advise calling their Epicor Experts for more information and a quotation.

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