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CS Professional Suite Review

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In this modern age of national and international business it can be more important than ever to be able to collaborate with colleagues who live elsewhere. CS Professional Accounting Software is focussed on allowing accounting collaborations, whether it's just sharing files or providing a space for several users to work on a single project.

The real benefit of CS Professional Accounting Software is the ability to network and work on a project with others. Some accounting systems will limit the number of users who can access information, even restricting the editing functions to a single log in. If you're involved in an international company then this would be useless to you. With CS you can connect with clients and colleagues in a user-friendly environment so that real-time changes can be made with ease. 

There are four key software options to choose from: Accounting CS, Workpapers CS, AdvanceFlow and Engagement CS. Whilst each of these offers a variety of benefits, we're going to focus on Accounting CS, which is more tailored towards helping you to work on your accounts. This system combines trial balance, payroll, client accounting, write-ups and financial reporting on one platform for quick and easy manoeuvring. You can also customize the interfaces so that they suit your needs, meaning that, once you've got a grasp of the basics, you can work how you prefer to work. 

Accounting CS allows you to connect with others in a secure environment, whether it's to share information, documents or workloads. The website also provides a decent amount of information and we were pleased to see a community section, which contains blogs and articles, forums, groups, photos and more. We thought it strange that you have to create an account and log in to access these, even if you want to access the FAQ. Why? Well we couldn't really work that out either. It seems unnecessary and restrictive to potential customers who want to find out more.

Signing up is more complex than it needs to be. You need a valid email address, a firm ID number or a GoSystem Tax reference number, and a 5-digit postcode even to create an account and access much of the basic information. This is a real put off in terms of allowing you to judge whether or not it's a system you'll want to use. Similarly, pricing is kept a secret and you need to make a call to the sales team to find out how much it'll all cost you.

CS's professional suites show promise, they seem to be capable and functional, particularly if you need to work collaboratively. However the website is too constrictive, not allowing you to find out basic information without handing over your details. Its range of packages ought to offer you some useful options to choose from so if you're looking for something quite specific to suit your accounting needs, then we recommend checking out each of them to see what they can do.

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