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Mamut AccountEdge Review

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With all those shiny white cases and expensive accessories, Mac users are going to want to keep an eye on their accounts. Thankfully Mamut have developed AccountEdge, an accounting software package that's almost exclusive to Apple, with a few options for integration with Microsoft Excel.

The benefits of this system are perhaps not hugely surprising to Apple users. The interfaces are pretty user friendly, and you can also deploy the software on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. Screens are basic and not cluttered with data or unnecessary options, although the overall feel isn't quite as impressive as you might be used to with Apple more generally, and it lacks a certain pizazz when it comes to aesthetics. 

There are three software options to choose from and, whilst they offer decent value for money, it's important to recognise that the prices quoted do not include VAT, and you'll have to pay a further annual fee to use the software, making it less attractive than it first appears. There's a fairly standard range of accounting features, which is fairly extensive but nothing jumps out as particularly innovative or unique. If you haven't already worked it out, we weren't bowled over by AccountEdge.

The problem for us is that the software is fine, but in no way exceptional. Given the price tag, we'd expect a little more for our money if this were to receive a more positive review. However, you do have a few options to choose from, so at least you have a few choices to make. The cheapest option available is Mamut AccountEdge, which provides basic functions such as being able to process purchases and sales, track your debts and debtors, send out quotations and email invoices to clients. Meanwhile the more expensive AccountEdge plus offers additional features such as an enhanced inventory, the ability to manage a payroll, multiple currency sales and more. Finally the Plus system is available for multiple users on a network, although the regular package is not network compatible.

If you're a Mac user looking for a relatively easy to use accounting package with a decent set of features then Mamut's Account Edge might be suited to you. Otherwise, we feel that you can find superior accounting software elsewhere, with a greater variety of package options for networking. This isn't a bad choice, but you might find yourself wishing that you'd taken a bite from another apple.

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