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Quickbooks (by Intuit) Review

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QuickBooks (by Intuit) is world renowned as a leader in accounts and bookkeeping, providing a huge range of features to help you keep your head above the water. It also offers great customer support if you need it, and its systems are flexible. As such QuickBooks-Intuit is one of few accounting software providers which is able to provide small, medium and large organizations with accounting options across the board.

QuickBooks' wide range of features is what impressed us most. There really is a lot to consider, and a good number of them are available on the cheaper packages on offer. Simple Start is the cheapest of these packages, and it provides almost a dozen features for just $12.95 a month. Many users will find that this is sufficient for their purposes, although there are also Essentials and  Plus packages available. These superior services provide more automation options and reporting facilities, lessening the amount of data entry work you need to do whilst providing reminders and end of term reports for better analysis of your data. At $39.99 a month the most expensive of these is very slightly above industry standard, but we still feels that it offers very good value for money because you can utilize a much greater range of features than you're likely to find elsewhere. 

In terms of automated services, the Plus package allows you to automatically track balances, receive updates on unpaid invoices, download data from bank accounts and credit cards, send automated invoices, pay regular bills easily and more. All combined this can save a lot of time but it also has the added advantage of making sure your data is accurate: there's little room for human error. You can easily move between practical areas of your accounts, examining raw data or converting it to graphs and charts. You can also quickly produce reports so that the data can be examined. If you're not sure where your greatest assets and costs are then you can categorize data so that you can identify sources by their value. 

  QuickBooks isn't the cheapest Accounting Software available, but it has one of the most extensive range of features you'll find. Its systems are intuitive, and it has all the main bases covered.  

Services are also available for mobile devices, as all information is stored on the cloud server. This means you can access it from a range of devices when on the move, as well as from your office computer. Advanced users can allow additional members to view data, or even to be involved in adding to it and editing it. As such you can work closely with partners or accountants when you need to, without having to go back and keep changing data after you've collaborated on a project. Project times can be monitored, too, so that you can easily keep a track of how much time you've spent working on it, and subsequently bill a client appropriately.

There are several useful add-ons that are compatible with Quick Books. These include being able to pay your employees, accept online payments, handle a more advanced inventory, and point of sales solutions. If you're keen to communicate more effectively then you can also acquire the Demandforce add-on, which allows you to use email, social media, and text to keep people aware of what's going on in your business. The number one sales app, Salesforce CRM is also available with QuickBooks-Intuit. This provides sales and marketing features specifically designed for smaller companies, or you can upgrade to a professional edition for more advanced features. All of these add-ons have been reviewed by actual users, so you can get a real sense of how they work and how effective they  are.

QuickBooks isn't the cheapest Accounting Software available, but it has one of the most extensive range of features you'll find. Its systems are intuitive, and it has all the main bases covered. Its automated options can be a life saver, genuinely helping you to save time and analyse data. The customer support section of the site offers a lot of feedback, and whilst it can be a little awkward to navigate, all the information is there in one way or another. There are also dedicated help sections for Windows, Mac or Online users, and a community section for people to discuss any issues they may be having.

Okay so you add those two figures, divide by the number of numbers, reduce by tax, then add on the figure from last quarter, then times it by the length of a piece of string. Accountancy does not come easy to everyone. In fact, for most people it's a mine field of possible outcomes, a maze filled with pitfalls, many of which end in lost profits or – at worst – breaking the law. It's all well and good having a giant envelope stuffed with receipts, and a few notes written down on diner napkins, but you can only get so far with unprofessional accounts keeping.

Overall, we felt that Quickbooks.com offered a superior service and offered excellent value for money. They offer a 30 day free trial, so why not give it a try and see what you think?

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