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Intacct Accounting Software Review

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Sometimes it can be hard to get a good idea of something without taking it for a test drive. This could be an issue for Intacct, who keep their cards up their sleeves when it comes to clearly laying out exactly how their services function. You also need to submit a formal request in order to receive an accurate quotation for services (tailored packages apparently beginning from a whopping $400 a month), meaning that getting a decent idea of how much their systems and services will cost is trickier than it should be. Whilst their site seems to promise a lot, it's unclear how they work and what you're getting.

Given the hazy presentation of information, you might be put off Intacct completely, but this would be unfair. They do give details on many elements of accounting that could be of use, including their key features. You can handle multiple ledgers and accounts using a customizable dashboard, manage banking and cash flow in multiple currencies, and more. We were also pleased to see they utilize projection features so you can attempt to forecast future earnings and potential losses, all of which could be a lifesaver in the business world. There are a bunch of familiar elements too, including the ability to track your vendors, purchases and inventory, as well as checking sales and tax estimates.  Whilst all of this is fine, it's not outstanding, and it's not made obvious which of the services you'll receive. We presume it's all of them, but there's not much way of knowing unless you want to work out exactly what it is you need, and then make an inquiry. Problem is, a lot of people won't know what it is they need and then they'll end up potentially paying for services that they don't need, or missing ones that they do.

Either way, this isn't going to be cheap. The website states that smaller companies can graduate from QuickBooks, but this starts from $400 a month! Meanwhile, larger firms that are replacing software systems such as Sage, Oracle or Lawson, might expect anything between “a few thousand to $10,000 or more a month”. When compared with many of its competitors, this is vastly more expensive.

The “customer success” section of Intacct.com sings its praises, but then you'd expect it to – after all who publishes their own negative reviews? Perhaps they do deliver a superior service, it's possible, but their sales patter needs work and a greater degree of visibility should be adopted to give potential customers a clear indication of how their systems work. If you've got the money to invest, perhaps making a call is worth your time, otherwise we feel that intacct might be best avoided.

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