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Manager Accounting Software Review

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Bend it, shape it, any way you want it. That could be the motto for Manager, a potentially-free accounts management program that allows you to alter its core rules and set up so that it suits your unique needs. We say “potentially-free” because whilst its desktop version can be used free of charge, its cloud edition and server addition will cost you money. Even so, its prices are fair and won't cost you the earth.

The most impressive thing about Manager.io is that you control how your accounts work and display. You can edit the arrangement of the information, your tabs and how the information is processed. The standard set up is fine, but this ability to evolve it to suit you really does make it very user friendly. That said, we do think it can be overly simplistic at times, and it's not necessarily the best system for larger businesses. If you're looking for advanced settings then this isn't necessarily the accounting software package for you, but it's worth a try in any situation.

The three versions are almost identical to one another, but the main differences are these: the cloud version allows you to access your account from any computer or device, even when on the move. Your information is also stored on the cloud, meaning that if you were to have a problem with your laptop or office computer, the information would still be safely stored elsewhere. This can be a great reassurance because there's the potential to lose years and years worth of information, which could be a disaster. This isn't free, but if you can spare the $19 a month then it might be worth taking advantage of this feature. Cloud technology also means that others could access the account information, if you provide them with the appropriate log in details. Meanwhile, the server edition allows you to closely control who can access the data through a secure internal network. This is more suited to bigger businesses and for someone who has a decent idea of how servers function. That said, with a little practice and reading up, most people should manage. 

When it comes to information, Manager does a fairly decent job, providing a Wiki page of helpful topics, as well as a forum to discuss any issues with other users. Users also seem to be on the forum regularly, chatting and talking over issues with staff and each other, which is a great sign. 

Manager admits that it doesn't have a great host of features. This is intended, as they didn't want to clutter up their software with extras that most people don't need. However, you might wish to use those missing features, and as such it's worth checking whether or not Manager will be able to do everything you need it to. Essentially we felt that this accounting software would be well suited to individuals and small businesses who have pretty basic accounting requirements, but not necessarily for more advanced situations and users. Its free service is admirable and will be useful to a great many people, but if you plan on doing any kind of sharing of information then you'll need to upgrade, and whilst prices are fair, they don't provide as many features as other programs, for approximately the same price.

Manager is definitely worth a look, its flexibility sets it aside from many of its competitors, and with a basic package for free there's nothing to lose.

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