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NetSuite Financials Review

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Pull up a chair and sharpen your pencil, NetSuite offers a range of accounting services and software solutions, as well as training, to help you manage your accounts. With virtual training, webinar courses and a solid accountancy software package, you're in safe hands.

NetSuite Financials is a user-friendly cloud-based system. It's well organised and allows you to view data and graphs at the same time, providing several means for understanding the data you're looking at. You can easily switch between sections in your general ledger through the cloud-based interface, which you can log into from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you won't have to install programs or have to upgrade your office computer for it to work smoothly.

Those things considered, it doesn't seem to offer a great deal more than you'll find elsewhere. Its functions are pretty standard, although we did like that it had several integration options so that you can link up with other systems effectively. You can also watch a short video which highlights its features and how these can be used to help develop your accounting skills. It's also worth mentioning the data sheets, case studies and further information that is available from Netsuite.com, which provide useful tips and statistics regarding a number of their products and services. 

Net Suite offers solutions for mid-sized businesses and enterprises. You can choose to view the site as a CEO, CFO, Controller or CIO, or by the current software you use. This helps you to understand how their software can help you to easily make the transition. You can also find out about cloud developer tools, infrastructure and suite apps. When it came to actually trying  out the system and find out how much it would cost, we hit a few snags. Whilst most of the website is quite intuitive to use, you do sometimes find yourself led down a complex path of links and subheadings. However there is a searchable knowledge base which can come in handy.

Why might you choose NetSuite over another financing and accounting package? Well, their virtual training options might be a good reason. They seem to care about making sure you can move from your existing system to theirs, which shows that you won't simply be left dazed and confused. But when it comes down to the ins and outs of the cloud system, we're not necessarily convinced that it offers a great deal more than you'll easily find elsewhere. What's more, their prices aren't clear so it's hard to judge how much everything will cost without having to make a call to find out.

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