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It might sound like a dating agency, but Free Agent actually provides accounting software to help save you time and money. They've got a slightly quirky side but their software does the job it's designed for, and you also get free updates when improvements have been made, meaning you won't find yourself with antiquated features.

Both the website and the software are easy to use, intuitive but with enough functions to satisfy most accounting needs. They can be navigated using a series of simple drop down tabs, and all of your accounting data can be controlled in one dashboard. The system also seems to prefer presenting data in graphs, as well as tables, which is particularly useful if you're someone who is more suited to receiving information graphically. It covers all the key areas of accounting, including estimates, time tracking, invoicing, expenses, banking and taxes. 

The system can function using cloud technology, meaning that you don't need to store all of your accounts on your computer. Doing so would be risky, particularly if you didn't back up your files. Free Agent is PC, Mac and mobile friendly. It also makes sure your information is backed up several times each hour, so if something did go wrong then you'd never lose much information. If you're in charge of the system then you can also allow other users to access information by providing them with permission to view an account. You can allow an unlimited number of users to view your information safely, making it a useful portal for sharing sensitive financial data.

Customer support is great, with a detailed database of information on frequently asked questions. You can also contact them for further help or search the help center for tips. If you have the time then you can receive one-on-one support over the phone, or join one of the regular webinars run by the support accountants. This is great to see, and shows a real dedication to helping clients to use their services. We strongly recommend trying a webinar session if you're thinking of signing up with FreeAgent.com because these tours provide an excellent resource for understanding how everything works.

FreeAgent's prices are around the industry standard. However, their superior customer service does add value to them as a company because professional advice often doesn't come cheap. The packages are designed based on the general needs of a particular kind of business. If you're not certain which one you might be best opting for then the sales team will likely be a good port of call. The difference between these packages might seem subtle but actually the list of features available can be quite extensive, so it's wise to understand exactly what is on offer in any given package before signing up. If you're more of a hands on person then you can try a package for free for up to 30 days, which is a useful means of getting to grips with things.

FreeAgent.com is a solid choice. Its features are well considered, its prices are fair and its customer service  options are excellent. Given the tailored nature of its packages, they might not be ideal for everyone, but otherwise we think they're definitely work a second look.

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